Secret Santa

Yep, received the secret santa email from my colleague yesterday. As usual, we will each get a £5 value present and just before we go for our Christmas lunch, we will have a draw. Mee’s department has the same sort of Secret Santa thing but the method is different. Each of them will choose a name from a box with pieces of papers written with their individual names. The person who choose will be responsible to buy the present for the person that get chosen. In my opinion, this is a better way than getting a random £5 value present. Anyway, it’s been like this for us from the year I started working and it’s not easy to change.

I believe that I will be hunting for a £5 present this Sunday as I don’t think that my items will arrive promptly if I ordered online. I saw some Afro style nose trimmers which look really cute, Darth Vaders pressure ball and pedometers in bulk for savings. I guess I will try my luck in town to see if there is anything like those online products. Last year, I actually bought the present like a month or two before Christmas. This year, I am just totally lost the plot.

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