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Just before I decided to purchase my current Toyota Auris, I did some research on Toyota Dealer. It turns out that they offer Free Visual Safety Check for all Toyotas. Hence, I booked my car in as soon as I bought it. Even though the car dealer, where I got my Toyota Auris, had done the MOT, I still felt a little bit unsafe. Well, the MOT failed at first due to a tail light bulb. I was told that the light bulb has been changed but when I got home, it was still not working. I then had to make another trip to the car dealer. Unfortunately, the sales person who dealt with my purchase was not in on that day. Another guy came to look at the light bulb. The first thing he said was that the car has passed its MOT with a hint of how could the light bulb go bad. Well, I should be asking the question.

Anyway, my car had its visual safety check done by Toyota dealer today and there appeared to be no major problems. There were only a few advisory problems due to wear and tear which I have already known from the MOT check. At least I got the car checked twice and I have the same report. Mee and I can now be happy with this car. I have to say the person who explained the report to me is the type of person whom I like to deal with. He told me the problems that I needed to be aware and then proceeded to say that I didn’t have to change the parts now as it can still last me for this long. When I went to Kwik Fit for the past three years, they just wanted me to change every changeable parts in my old Ford Focus. I was just too stupid to trust them. The first time I went to Kwik Fit, the manager was really good. He too explained everything to me and advise me on things which needed to change and which didn’t need to change. I should have avoided it when the manager wasn’t there the second time I went there.

There are a couple more months to go before I need to do a full service on this car. Should be I go to the dealer or approach the mechanic that my colleague’s recommended to me?

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