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A few days ago, I updated Mee’s iPhone4 to iOS6. It was a painless update and after about 30 minutes, Mee’s iPhone4 is fully setup. All I had to do was to backup Mee’s iPhone4 onto my Mac and then used the On The Air (OTA) update. No more erasing and reinstalling apps and games anymore. My iPhone5 is due to update and I haven’t done so because I haven’t actually synced it to my Mac. I shall do it sometime, until I free up some spaces. Another gadget of mine which is long due for update is iPad2. It is still on iOS 5.0.1 mainly because it is a jailbreak device and there is no jailbreak iOS 6 for iPad2 yet. I have been thinking about unjailbreak it since I don’t actually use a lot of pirated apps and games. There were a few pirated games but I no longer play them anymore. In addition, I just found out that Installous is not available anymore. I am now more ready than ever to unjailbreak my iPad2 by installing iOS6. It’s a bit late now, I shall do it tomorrow.

By the way, I am now using OS X Mountain Lion. I just upgraded it today and it took me almost an hour from download to finish upgrading. To be honest, this upgrade probably don’t really benefits me much but I just hate seeing MobileMe in the System Preference. However, I do feel that my Mac runs a bit smoother than when it was running on OS X Lion. A couple of apps don’t work but that doesn’t bother me either. Other functions are remain to be seen.

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