Driving style …

I still remember when I passed my driving test, I wasn’t allowed to drive the family car on my own. My father would sit on the passenger seat and see me drive for a few months. It is a Honda Accord and it is still  at my parents’ home. The car must have been at least 20 years old now. Since then, my very first car was a Proton Wira. It gave me a lot of trouble but from there, I learnt a lot about cars and some very good mechanics too. It’s a manual car and I don’t remember that I had any problem shifting gears with it. What I am trying to say here is that I don’t remember the car jerked every time I changed gear. Then, I sold it and bought Proton Waja. When driving the Proton Waja, it jerked half of the time when I changed gear. I blamed it to the stiff clutch. I consulted my mechanic and he said that there was no way of soften the clutch. Well, I did read some articles saying that some clutches could be loosen to improve gear change.

Anyway, few years later, I came to UK and bought a Ford Focus. The clutch was almost like my father’s Honda Accord. It was so deep but I thought the gear change was a lot smoother in Ford Focus compared to Proton Waja. I think about after a year driving the Ford Focus, the engine seemed to lost power and the first gear often stuttered and I had to depress a great deal amount of the accelerator. Hence, whenever I drive my sister’s car, Toyota Corolla, I tend to rev higher during first gear although her car doesn’t require that kind of treatment.

Now that I sold my Ford Focus and got myself a Toyota Auris, I have to change my driving style yet again. In reality, it’s a lot easy to drive but since I am already used to driving Ford Focus, I found myself having trouble when driving Toyota Auris at first. Occasionally, it is still jerky whenever I change gear. I like to think it’s a lot better now as I have tried a few different methods such as releasing the clutch half way after gear change or release the accelerator first before depressing the clutch. Just recently, I started not releasing the accelerator fully while changing gear which seems like a better method. I still need sometime to get better and I do think that I am getting better. Hmm… an automatic car would be a lot easier. It guess it’s always a challenge when driving a manual car.

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