Supersize vs Superskinny …

Having watched this programme just now, it kind of reminded me of myself again. I used to be just 50kg and no matter how much I ate, I could only go up to 55kg and I was quite proud at that time. As soon as I started eating normally again, my weight dropped back to 50kg again. Well, imagine how much I ate when I didn’t eat normally. I came to UK at 50kg, thinking that I would easily gain weight considering lots of people go abroad and come back heavier. It doesn’t work for me. For the first few years, I still remain at 50kg. I then started going to gym. The very first day at the gym, the instructor used a special weighing scale machine that can measure the fat as well. I could remember clearly that my fat was only at 3%. The normal fat range for male is about 8 – 23%. And my BMI was just about 17.7, way underweight.

For the first few weeks, I used the weighing scale machine at least once a week. I could really see the difference as my weight climbed though the fat percentage didn’t really change a lot. It came to a stage where my weight was at 63kg with a BMI of 22.3. I was really proud of myself as I achieved all these in about 6 months. Mee helped a lot as she had to cook to my enormous appetite at that time. Soon, I got bored of eating too much and started eating moderately. By the way, I relied on protein drink as well at that time, drinking at least once a day.

It has come to a time where I tell myself that I can’t rely on protein drink anymore. Hence, I started drinking it as and when I go to the gym. Last Sunday, Mee and I realised that the gym instructors have placed the weighing scale machine at the public area. It used to be in a room only accessible by gym instructors. It was then we realised that we haven’t used that machine for some time. My weight is now 58kg, eating moderately and my fat is 9%. I am really pleased with myself and if anyone finds it difficult to increase weight, I will definitely recommend going to the gym.

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