Walking in the snow

Did I say that I walk to work yesterday? Hmm…. I am terrible at remembering things these days. I can’t keep up with the dates and I don’t know what day it is. Okay, Mee and I walked to a bus stop yesterday and one of my colleagues passed by the bus stop and actually made two U-turns at two roundabouts to give us a lift to work. I am not sure if I explained myself clearly. Okay, she passed by the bus stop and saw Mee and I were waiting for bus but she was too late to make the stop. Hence, she drove to a roundabout in front to make a U-turn. After making the U-turn at the roundabout, she continued to another roundabout to make another U-turn so that she could stop at the bus stop that Mee and I were waiting. Of course we were grateful especially in that sort of weather.

After work, Mee and I walked to the bus station but as soon as we reached the bus station, we decided to eat our dinner at Burger King. We have a few coupons and ended up spending just over £6 for two burgers and a kids meal. It’s quite a good deal except that we were told that it’s 10p for ketchup. It’s managed by the same franchise company that Mee and I worked part time before when we were in Sutton. Hence, we sort of knew their crap policy. They should be ashamed considering McDonald works in an opposite way. If Burger King is stingy, McDonald is generous. And for Burger King to say ‘Have it your way’, it’s more like their way.

Anyway, we shopped for a while after the meal. There are a few new shops opening and one in particular is selling outdoor equipment. I saw a salomon hydration pack and it looks really nice. It’s one of those things where it gets you to start thinking how nice it will be to have it when walking in the snow. However, if I were to buy it only because I didn’t drive for four days, it will be pretty difficult to justify the purchase. By the way, it’s not just a hydration pack, it’s like a mini bag where you can store stuffs too. There were no sales, so I didn’t even consider it.

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