Odd advertisement …


When I was searching for a car to replace my Ford Focus, Auto Trader is my most used website. The search function is easy to use and there are lots of filter that can be used to limit the results. In addition, it has an app which I can use on my iPad and the app is as useful as it’s website. Lots of filters and touch friendly too. One day when I was using its website, I saw the advertisement from Auto Express at the bottom of the Auto Trader’s search results. Look at the title and then the photo. It’s a photo of Nissan Juke titled Ford Fiesta facelift. It’s definitely a mismatch and what’s worst was when I clicked on the linked, it said page not found. It’s not the first time that I came across something like this. I wonder if it’s Auto Trader’s problem or Auto Express’ problem. I seem to have a habit of focusing on the wrong stuffs that one can find on the internet.

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