White Lithium Grease …

My Toyota Auris’ car door has developed a squeaking sound. It only happens on the driver side at the moment. I remember that when I took my Ford Focus for a service, the mechanic will always spray a white liquid type of thing on the doors’ mechanism. I assume that white liquid helps the operation of the car’s doors. On my Toyota Auris, it looks clean. I can’t help but wonder if the car dealer had known about the problem and just temporary fixed it so that I won’t discover it until after I paid the money.


Anyway, I searched high and low on the internet. Some forum posters suggested WD40. I did manage to find out that while WD40 is really something, it attracts dusts and dirt which doesn’t sound like a good idea for fixing the squeaking car door. In the end, I found out that the white liquid stuff is actually called White Lithium Grease. It can prevent rust and dirt. I can’t wait to apply it but I have to wait till weekend. It will be dark by the time I reach home after work and I like to clean the area first rather than just spraying the White Lithium Grease on top of it. By the way, White Lithium Grease is a product of WD40 too. I could use some on my room’s door too.

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