Happy New Year …

Yeah, it’s 25th January and it’s a little too late to say Happy New Year to anyone. In fact, I got an email from Watermark Hotel and Spa Gold Coast wishing me Happy New Year and hoping that I had a great Christmas! I have no idea why they only sent out email like this at this time. Watermark Hotel and Spa was the hotel that Mee and I stayed when we went to Gold Coast, Australia. If I remember correctly, it is about 15 minutes away from the airport and 5-10 minutes away from the Surfer’s Paradise, Gold Coast. It was a good hotel and we were comfortable during our stay. The thing I like about the hotels that we stayed while we were in Australia was that the rooms were big and with two double beds. Yes, two double beds and that’s a standard room. However, it’s not cheap. If you were to talk to Mee and me about Australia, our first impression would be that everything was expensive!

Anyway, the email is to tell me that the weather is amazing on the Gold Coast and that, I should visit again. Well, I haven’t got that kind of money to pay Australia a second visit!


The above picture is taken from its website. It’s nothing like this, but close though. We didn’t have to worry not knowing how to get back to the hotel. Gold Coast has just two straight parallel roads; one is the two-lane motorway and the other one is just a single lane with lots of traffic lights. The hotel is tall enough with a huge Watermark sign with blue lights on the top floor. Hence, we could already see the sign a few blocks away.

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