Mee and I bought our wedding rings from a shop called Beaverbrooks the Jewellers. Since then, we have also bought several watches from them as they have the best price and seemingly good customer service. There are about 5 -6 jewellers other jewellers in the town centre and I don’t seem to remember going into any of them other than window shopping. Beaverbrooks the Jewellers is like the first shop we will go. Hence, every year, we will receive a mail from them with a mysterious gift card from them with prizes from £25 – £1000 pounds which we can find out by go online and enter the code. We always get £25 pound value of gift card and it’s only valid for a couple of months.

This year though, we received a mail as well as an email with added information such as the slane jewelry and similar items to what we have bought from them before. As usual, I just ignore them as I haven’t got anything to buy. I have lost hope on watches that need batteries and I don’t wear lots of jewellery or blings. I have about 4 watches here that are in need of new batteries and it is so expensive to bring them to watch shop for batteries change. I was once quoted £35 for a battery change for my £85 Emporio Armani watch. That’s almost half the price of the watch! It’s just not worth it, isn’t it?

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