Portable Hard Drives VS Desktop Hard Drives …

Well, this post isn’t exactly about portable hard drives vs desktop hard drives. Just yesterday, I bought a Samsung M3 1TB Portable Hard Drive online. It should take about a week to arrive as I have chosen the free delivery option. While waiting for it to be delivered, I started reading reviews from Amazon users. I have read some of the reviews before I made the purchase and now, I am just reading them for fun since there are just under 300 reviews. As usual with a computer product, there are bound to be good and bad reviews. For Samsung M3 1TB Portable Hard Drive, there aren’t many bad reviews. I think I have read all the bad reviews and they were just saying that it failed within a few weeks or a couple of months. I am not worried though because most of the portable hard drives have the same reviews of them being failed within a certain period of time.

In my opinion, there are now only a few hard drive manufacturers remain and most of the products out there would just be using the same hard drive internally. They would then slap their own logo and create their own casing to make it look unique to other products.

Anyhow, I came across a person commenting on an Amazon review. The original review praised the Samsung M3 1TB portable hard drive for being lightweight and quiet as well as reliable. A comment came in and started saying that Western Digital hard drives are better and the price is about the same. He bought a Samsung M3 1TB and it failed him almost immediately. His computer didn’t even recognise the portable hard drive. Another person then joined the conversation by asking him which Western Digital hard drive he was talking about. The answer he gave was Western Digital Elements 1TB Desktop Hard Drive. He added that the Western Digital Hard Drive was only slightly bigger and about as portable as the Samsung M3.

If the Western Digital Elements 1TB Desktop Hard Drive were a portable hard drive, it would have been called Western Digital Elements 1TB Portable Hard Drive. It is called Desktop Hard Drive because it is supposed to stay on your desktop. It requires a power adapter for power obviously, and a USB cable for connectivity. It is still portable but in my opinion, it is not ideal. That’s when a portable hard drive comes in. Samsung M3 1TB Portable Hard Drive only weighs 150g while the Western Digital Elements weighs 1kg. Look who’s more portable?

Samsung M3 only requires a USB cable for both power and connectivity. By the way, it supports USB2 and USB3 while Western Digital Elements only supports USB2. The size of the hard drive in Samsung M3 is 2.5″ while it’s 3.5″ in Western Digital Elements. I can’t understand how both of them could be classified as pretty similar and as portable. That guy really has given those products a whole new definition.

In fact, I was so fired up that I logged into Amazon just to write a comment to question that guy. I just dislike the way people giving out wrong information yet sounded as if they knew everything.

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