Come and go

I have been working with this company for more than 5 years now. It’s the longest one that I have worked and I believe that there are many more years to come. There are still opportunities to improve my knowledge and when I do leave, I shall be in a stronger position than I currently am. Surprisingly or not, I have attended four of my colleagues’ leaving dos. Two of them retired, one has to go back to her home country due to family matters and one got a better offer at another company. By the end of this month, there will be another one leaving as she will be moving to another state due to her partner’s job. I don’t think that the staff turnover in my department in considered high and that would mean that we have a good manager. However, she will be retiring by the end of this year and everyone has their own theory about what’s going to happen. I would rather do my job properly and see how it goes by then.

Anyway, of all the four colleagues who have left, only one actually came in to see us. That was about two weeks ago and he was trying to get some guitar string and also to check out the best guitar amplifiers on sale. Apparently, he was going to the same shop where Mee and I bought our keyboard. It was really nice to see him again and wish that we could have more time chat.

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