Current state of living

Our landlord is currently doing some stuffs around the house that we live. He has been fiddling with the satellite especially after the new guy bought a TV set and a satellite dish from his home country, Poland. The ambitious thing is that he is trying to receive Polish channels. I think our landlord is really kind to want to set it up for him. After a few checks and our landlord even had a professional guy come around to inspect the possibility of receiving Polish channel, they reckoned that it is not possible. Still, our housemate didn’t believe them and he did it his own way. I am not entirely sure what exactly happened but now, our housemate’s satellite dish is at the front of the house instead of at the back of the house where it was installed previously. Anyway, we can’t be bothered as long as our housemate’s doing doesn’t affect our internet connection.

Sometimes, you just can’t understand what are people’s concept about house sharing. That same housemate has a car and the front of our rented house can accommodate two cars; one by the roadside and one in the driveway. His parking skill is atrocious. I wonder where he got his licence. When he parks his car by the roadside, he never really cares whether or not the car in the driveway would have enough space to get in or out. There was this time where we just snapped because he left a space of about exactly the width of our car. Mee just went upstairs and let him know about what a good job he did. Only then, he starts to park sensibly.

Anyway, our landlord has also promised to sort out the damp in the shower room as well as the kitchen cupboards. He has brought around some tools, paints and u-shaped handles but he hasn’t started any work yet. Well, we both know that we live in this space for too long, more than 5 years now. It’s time to move.

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