New-ish job

Just to follow up from yesterday’s post. I am glad that there are other gamers who think like myself. They actually commented on one of the reviews by saying that it’s unfair to judge a game based on in-app purchases and that review is misleading. But still, there are a couple with the same mind. Why would someone want to finish off a game that quickly?

Anyway, I am very excited about next week. I will be working half day on my current job and another half day on web development. Yes, I am back in web development and it gives me something to tinker about. To be honest, my current job is still very challenging but I kind of know the ins and outs of it and what I am currently doing is about perfecting things rather than exploring new things. There are still a lot to learn about web development. I may or may not want to pursue a career in web development but it’s certainly add something to my IT skills. As I have already done web development previously, it is also about communicating with people to make the best out of it as well as learning how system works. Once you apply a certain method on a particular system, you can basically apply it anywhere you like. That’s how universal web development can be. Furthermore, I had no one to guide me previously and I am just glad that I have a senior member to teach me.

In the past, the web development was scattered in a couple of departments, marketing and management information system. I am in the management information system and now that there’s the web development team, every web related stuffs will be handled by this web development team which I will be in very soon. Well, that includes the old and not very nice to look at intranet page. It’s still using the old ASP language and the permissions are not very well structured. Just today, I saw an advert from a staff selling church chairs. I mean, is that even allowed? No clear guidelines. I do hope that once I joined the web development team, I can make a difference. In fact, I am quite nervous as well because I have not been doing web development things for months now. A bit rusty I reckon.

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