Body Balance

The new Body Balance routine is kind of a mixture of old and new. Well, I don’t really like it as I still prefer the previous routine. The current routine is not so tough and it left me wanting for me after the session. Surprisingly, more and more people are attending the class. For the past few weeks, it’s almost always full. In the past, I believe the instructor would already be happy when it’s half full.

The room is actually quite small and when a class like Body Balance where it requires a mat for each learner, it can be quite cramp when the class is fully booked. As Body Balance requires learners to adjust the mat horizontally or vertically once a while, some selfish learners use two mats and place both the mats in a cross shape on the floor. They don’t seem to realise that they have taken a lot more space than other learners who are only using a mat. When the class is fully booked, it doesn’t help too as latecomers would have no mats available to them. Some start to bring in thick yoga mat but even then, they might not have a space in the room if they were late.

The worst thing is that the previous class is the spin class. Those who attended the spin class always leave without wiping off their sweat from the floor. It can be quite disgusting during summer. Why can’t people be more responsible and hygienic? We all pay to use the gym and we should always be thinking about the next person who will be using the equipment or room. It’s the same case as the free weight area. They come, they take the dumb bells, they use and they just leave it on the floor. Some people just don’t read at all.

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