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No doubt watching movies is one of my favourite things to do. There was a period of time where I watched almost a movie a night. I am not sure how I did that but when you watched that many movies in that period of time, you will definitely appreciate a good movie when it came by. I started making a list of movies that I watched and rated them on a score of 5. Sometimes, I forgot about the details of a movie and that list will sort of remind me whether or not it’s worth watching it again. I used to have a rule where a good movie doesn’t tend to have an interesting trailer and vice versa. I would say that it’s correct most of the time but definitely not all the time. Transformers have had really good movie trailers and I love each of the Transformer movies. Recently, I watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower which I think it’s quite a nice movie and yet, the movie trailer didn’t justify it entirely.

I have recently found another way to determine whether or not a movie is worth watching. Search for the movies’ subtitles. If you can’t find a subtitle for a particular movie, most likely it’s not worth watching as people can’t be bothered to write a subtitle for it.

Anyway, the worst movie of 2012 for me is Skyfall. Yeah, the latest 007 film. I know that there are many other movies that are worst but Skyfall was the one to watch and there’s a lot at stake. You might disagree on my verdict but Quantum of Solace was way better. The Skyfall’s movie trailer was all interesting and exciting, like any Bond films but half way through, I almost fell asleep. I remember watching a review from BBC saying how good Skyfall was and I was wondering if he has actually seen the movie. I don’t think anyone who has watched James Bond’s movies would think that Skyfall is the best one, or even one of the best.


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