Paradise Island HD …

I have been playing Paradise Island HD on my iPad for quite sometime now. I actually first started playing the Android version of Paradise Island on my HTC Desire and I just found it sluggish and difficult to control. Eventually, I uninstalled it but I never really knew why I went on and downloaded it on my iPad. I guess I just want to finish the game. Well, it improves over time and it’s not quite possible to complete the game now that it has expanded to two islands and the quests are getting tougher and tougher to complete.

Worst still, the latest update doesn’t work at all. It hung while trying to install and a message asking whether it’s done or to retry prompts. Retry while just keeps failing. There’s a workaround which I haven’t tried yet. I will just leave it alone for the time being. I can’t be bothered really. I am not even sure if it can be fixed at all without the workaround.

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