Dumbphone …

Just now, one of our housemates asked me to transfer some files from his mobile phone to his thumb drive. As he is Polish and doesn’t speak English very well, you can quite imagine what our conversation like. There’s a lot of hand signs but it didn’t took too long for me to understand that it’s the photos that he wanted to transfer. He uses LG KM900 and when I connected it to my MacBook Air, it detected the mobile phone but I couldn’t get into the photos. It displayed a bunch of installation files but they were for Windows operating system. I tried bluetooth and neither my MacBook Air nor my iPhone 5 could make the connection successful. It just said the device is not compatible.

In the end, I used the desktop PC and it took almost an hour just to transfer 284MB from the mobile phone to my PC. It then took only a couple of minutes to transfer that amount of files to the thumb drive. I could never use dumbphone anymore, that’s what I thought when I finally finished the transfer process. Some of you may not know but dumbphone is a new word for the opposite of smartphone. The touch screen of the LG KM 900 was quite responsive but the operating system was really sluggish. The phone detected my gesture but it took a second or two to react. That’s how bad it was. I did a little search on LG KM 900 specifications while it’s transferring the files. Apparently, it has 8GB of internal space. Imagine how long do I have to wait if that housemate of ours has filled up his dumbphone’s internal space. Yeah, it could take a day!

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