iPhone 5 battery …

Recently, I start to notice that my iPhone 5’s battery life is getting worse. I wonder if that’s because I have been using 3G connection more often than WiFi. There’s an update to 6.1.2 which I have just done and the summary of the update was about battery draining by certain apps. The update was out there for quite sometime now but I just haven’t got around to do it until just now. Well, I will have to see if the battery life improves. Either way, I can’t do anything about it as the battery on iPhone is not removeable.

Despite of the poor battery life, I still can’t see myself replacing my iPhone 5 in the near future. This is the first time I actually feel that I don’t have to get another new phone. In the past, I changed my smartphone almost every year. On the other hand, I still keep a look out at the latest smartphones on offer. The latest Samsung Galaxy S4 doesn’t really excite me much except the 8-core processor. Does a smartphone really require 8-core processing power? My MacBook Air is almost two years now and it only has 2-core. Hence, the core is doubling on a yearly basis in the processor world. It will be interesting to see if one can really benefit from the full 8-core processor. Anyway, the S4 still looks roughly the same as S3. Oh, it has the eye-tracking technology. Say if you are watching a video, it will pause the video when you are not looking at the screen. It sounds cool but it just one of those features that’s nice to have but not necessary.

I thought the coming soon HTC One looks really cool. But then when I looked at the HTC Sense, it seems like it’s trying to mimic Windows Phone’s interface. I still don’t quite understand why Samsung is better loved by consumers compared to HTC which makes better quality smartphones. To be honest, I will still go for HTC smartphones if I were given the choice between Samsung and HTC. The best selling point for Android and Windows OS is the interactive home and lock screen which are the two things that I missed after the switch to iPhone 5. I also miss the notification light but I soon get used to it. Forget about the size of the phone, the next iOS needs to be good in order to be a contender in the smartphones’ world.

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