Living abroad …

Mee and I plan to go back to Malaysia this year’s December. One of the reasons is that we have not been back for more than two years now. Living abroad is never easy when you home country is so far away. And it really costs a lot for just that one trip. I guess this time, I will get a lot of questions from relatives and friends whether or not we are going to live in UK for good or we have plans to go back to Malaysia. My answer will always be the same; since I already have a job in UK, that would be the main focus point and I tend to do well in any job I am in. Hence, as long as my current company is willing to let me continue working, I don’t really see the need to go back to Malaysia where Mee and I have to start all over again. You could probably say that our families are back there and we can have all the help we want, possibly. But then again, one of my reasons of coming to UK is to be financial independent and believe, I was very reliant on my parents in the past and it feels so good at the moment that I can be very independent.

Living abroad has really made me a bit more mature. Living and working abroad do not necessary make you a richer person. I still have to work and save in order to get the things I want. Though I earn in British pounds, the things that I spend on would be in pounds as well. If I have never been in UK before, I would definitely think differently. Sometimes, I felt like English is my mother tongue even though I still don’t speak very good English. It’s just that I have to speak English in the office on a daily basis that it becomes norm for me to think in English too. And all this have become natural to me whereas in the past, my mind could get scrambled up trying to think what to say or ask when I was in a conversation. I believe that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

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