Web development

I am counting down the days. Less than two days, I will be working in my preferred department. I shouldn’t need to say more about my current department but the new department that I will be working in should bring more excitement and responsibilities. For a start, my new manager would want to take over the intranet and company homepage from the marketing department. Isn’t it odd to have the marketing department hiring a web developer rather than the IT department? I am really excited as working on web is very diverse and a lot more people can see your work. Of course, the responsibilities will be yours too if you do a shoddy job. Anyhow, I don’t think I will publish something which I don’t think it’s up to scratch.

In addition, there’s a possibility that we will be working together with the marketing department and it will be like the good old college days where I organised events which involved in vinyl banners printing as well as leaflets. Working with different departments can bring more buzz to a job. For a start, I will only be working half a day in that department while my current department will try to find my replacement. In fact, the advertisement has already gone out to the public and I have yet to receive my new contract nor have I resigned. I have really got to find out my position on Monday. I don’t want to be in the middle of nowhere out of the sudden. Anyway, although I have done half a day my current job and half a day on web development before, it will still be difficult to really concentrate. Even before, I find it really mind draining and by the time I got home, I just want to have a shower and dinner and then games. However, I still look forward to it and sooner or later, I will be working on web development on a full day basis.

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