An appointment …

Imagine that, it’s Spring now and it snowed today. How weird is this weather. This morning, Mee and I woke up with snow pouring down. It was quite heavy but the snow didn’t settle. Hence, we still went to our usual Body Balance class. After that, we headed to town centre as I had an appointment with HSBC advisor that I booked last week. Guess what? Mee and I are now planning to buy a house and the phrase ‘we can’t wait to move out’ can finally be history. So, the reason of meeting the advisor is just to find out how much we can borrow before we go house hunting.

I actually had a lengthy discussion with my mom last week. By the end of the conversation, my mom just passed the phone to my dad and we only talked about 5 minutes before my dad kind of supported my decision. A few hours later, I got a text from my dad asking me to phone home. Well, it’s typical and I sort of expected that already. Every time I made some huge decision, they always seem to support me at first and later, they will want to speak to me again once they calm down.

Again, my dad asked me to consider it carefully as mortgage loan is almost lifetime. Before that, I was 100% sure that I want to buy a property. After speaking to my dad, the percentage went down to may 80-90%. After a week’s consideration, I am more than confident that I want to buy a property. If I am not buying a property, Mee and I will still want to move out. We will then be looking at a one bed property which will cost us more than £600 in rent only. Looking at my mortgage quote, I could be paying less than £600 for a two bed or maybe three bed property. That doesn’t really make any sense if I am opting for the rental option.

In addition, if I were to move back to Malaysia, two bed property could easily be rented out for more than £700. At the moment, I can’t really see that buying a property is a bad idea.

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