House hunting …

I have been looking at Right Move website for a couple of weeks now. Every now and then, I would just go in and find any latest properties on sale. I even have the app installed on both my iPhone 5 and iPad 2. So far, Mee and I have shortlisted about three properties and we plan to arrange a time to look at them next week. I think it was about two years ago when Mee and I went to see two properties, one was a two bed flat and the other one was a one bed flat. I guess we were quite fortunate for not making the decision to buy at that time. It just wasn’t the time and thinking about it now, buying flat is not really a good idea since I believe that we can manage to buy a house now.

There is this one property that I quite like and it’s quite near to the place where we currently rent. It has the potential to make it look more spacious and by the look of the photos, there aren’t many works that need to be done. The bathroom and kitchen have been redecorated though the lounge looks a bit dated. Carpet is the thing that Mee and I both doesn’t like. And it’s not an end of terrace house. Other than that, it ticks most of the boxes. Anyway, we still need to go into the house and have a look at the property before we make any decision.

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