Estate agents

So far, Mee and I have gone to see about three estate agents. While they have different types of approach; some friendly, some doesn’t seem like they want to make any business, some seems like they work alone, some thinks that we are not going to buy at all, they seem to be using the same real estate business card templates. Don’t they think that they need to be a little bit different from their competitors? Well, I can’t comment much anyway since I am not in the real estate business. They might think that it’s only a card and as long as it has all the necessary information, it should be good. I beg to differ though. It can say a lot about a business but that’s just me.

My first and second jobs in Malaysia required me to travel extensively but locally. Not totally true since I had travelled to Thailand once for work purposes. Anyway, I distributed hundreds of business cards in the span of a couple of months and I did receive a lot too. Initially, I was really proud to own my set of business cards but soon, I was not bothered by it and wished that I hadn’t had any business cards to give out. The simple reason was that so nobody could contact me. Receiving business cards was another story. Some business cards were really plain looking card, probably the cheapest dealer they could find, and some really make an effort in making a good first impression. Some people would that a business card should be straightforward but I was always fascinated by business cards that tried to make a difference.

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