House hunting …

Our landlord came to collect rent just now and it was a great opportunity for us to ask him questions about houses. The first one I asked was the one nearby the place we rented at the moment. He suggested that we can go and have a look since the open house will be on this Saturday. He wouldn’t really recommend it since the first floor is not built from bricks and the front and the back are covered with roof tiles like materials. They look not bad but can be very difficult to maintain. We then showed him another two houses which he suggested that those should be the types of houses that we should be looking to buy. In between the conversation, he kept telling us not to buy houses like the one that we are living at the moment unless it’s absolutely cheap. The sound proof is really bad and being in a shared house, it just makes living in a room worst.

Anyway, we have managed to arrange a viewing time for both the houses tomorrow and hopefully, it will be a good result. Both houses are advertised by the same estate agents and it made it easier to arrange. Our landlord has also said that he will try to make it to the viewing. Just before he left, he also told us that we have the advantage being first time buyer since we are ready to move and the transaction can be completed quicker than those who are already in a mortgage.

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