Before coming to UK, I always thought developing countries have the most efficient use of technology. Well, some do but certainly not all. While working in my current workplace, I find that a lot of the staffs do not have the knowledge of being working in a green environment. You will see most staffs have a green message in their email signatures asking if it’s really necessary print the email. However, you still get people printing emails even if it’s only a few lines of texts. Back in Malaysia, well, in the last company that I worked, we always asked ourselves if we really need to print when we were about to press the button print. We also limit the number of pages each individual could print. I think they were about to implement Web To Print just before I left. Hence, I never get to learn the product but it’s all about making printing more efficient and greener too.

And I have to say, the computer that I was using at work in Malaysia was more advanced than the one I got when I first worked here. I would say that some of the classrooms’ machines were better than mine. Anyway, I suppose it depends on the type of contract they have with their supplier.

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