House hunting extensively …

This week has been a busy week for Mee and me even though I have a whole week off. We woke up practically at 8am everyday as we have appointments with estate agents, mortgage advisors and a friend. So far, we have looked at five houses and there’s one more to see tomorrow morning. Of all the five houses we have seen, none of them really fits all our criteria. There’s one in a very nice area. The price is slightly higher as you would expect but the house is smaller compare to others. It’s a two bed house but the second room is just a single room. There’s one which is quite spacious but not in what we would consider a good area. There’s one where we had quite a lengthy discussion with the estate agent as well as making an offer for the house. The first and second offer was rejected and the owner was only prepared to decrease the price of the house to certain amount. I think Mee and I were glad that the owner did not agree on our price because we were quite concern about the limited parking spaces around the area. It’s a communal parking area and there aren’t enough spaces to cater the neighbourhood.

Mee and  I actually went to consult the next door neighbour for opinion. Overall, we think the area is good but the parking is a concern. Hence, we decided not to pursue further. The other two houses did not meet our expectation.

Our hope is kind of fell on the house that we are going to see tomorrow. It is having an open house tomorrow, hence, we couldn’t book in to see before the open house. When I first looked at the house, I already thought it’s the one for us. However, when we showed the photos to our landlord, our landlord think that some of the material used on the house could be problematic. But overall, it’s still not a bad house. It’s spacious and the previous owner has made some improvement on the house. In addition, it’s very near to the place where we live at the moment, hence, we know the area quite well. Hope it goes well tomorrow!

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