House hunting Day 6

House hunting can be very fun and frustrating at the same time. Occasionally, you can find some funny things through the photos that the owners put up on the websites. In UK, the most popular website to browse for houses to buy would be In one of the houses advertised, I saw an equipment which looks like a bed or some sort but it’s made of steel. Upon searching Google, I realised that it’s motorcycle lifts. People can really have all sorts of things at their home. Anyway, the frustrating thing is that you can’t always get what you want. We made an offer to a house that we really like. However, our offer was not good enough to beat another person’s offer. Needless to say, the owner went for the higher offer.

There’s a little story that happened in between but I am just to lazy to mention it all. It was supposed to be a simple process but the estate agent made it looked complicated. In the process of making the offer, I was contacted by three different member of staffs. You can imagine how confuse it can be when all three of them said slightly different things to me. Anyway, Mee and I are back in the hunt for a house again.

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