Missing Body Balance

Mee and I missed our Body Balance class this morning because our landlord came to see a house for us. We already looked at the house last week but since we are interested in it, we thought we should ask our landlord to look at it for us again. As he came by around 11am, it meant that we had to skipped our Body Balance class.  Our instructor had previously told us that she would bring what was said to be the best yoga mat for us to see but I guess we missed the chance too. Anyway, I think it is more important for us to find a house to live in.

Early in the morning, we went to see a house and it was the owner who showed it around and not the estate agent. While talking to the owner, he mentioned that the estate agent is an online company and they don’t do house viewing with potential buyers. Initially, I thought that we would be there for less than half an hour but the whole tour went on for an hour. It’s not a really big house and we actually chatted most of the time. In fact, he went to the same gym as us. Well, it’s a shame that we don’t think that we will make an offer for the house. There’s nothing much to complain about but we just don’t think it’s the one for us.

We then went home and kept wondering what time our landlord will come by. Just when we were about to go to the gym, he came. We had no choice but to go to the house with him though he said that he will be fine alone. Upon arrived at the house, we asked the lady owner politely to see if we can look at the house again. She and her partner were okay with it so we just let our landlord do the checking. I believe that our landlord also thinks that the price is too high for that sort of house. He said that he will call us at night to discuss about it but so far, we received no calls from him. I guess we will have to call him tomorrow.

The surprising thing was we received a call from the estate agent. He told me that the lady owner rang him to express her displeasure of us coming around. In my defence, I told the estate agent that we did ask her for permission and it’s up to her to agree or disagree. The estate agent then told me that it would be rude to refuse. I just told him that I would refuse rather than agree and then go about complaining to other people.

To be honest, we think the house could be the one for us. But thinking about living in a house that has an owner with that kind of behaviour just made me a bit mad. The asking price is already ridiculous and that attitude stinks. I might make a very low offer and see how she reacts.

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