Rightmove …

Rightmove seems like the website to go to when looking to buy a house. Some people that have been giving me house buying advice seem to think that estate agents would normally contact potential buyers first before publishing the house details on Rightmove website. From what I have seen so far, estate agents rely quite heavily on Rightmove and the first thing they do is to publish on Rightmove. Some estate agents do not even bother to update their own website.

Looking for a house to buy can be fun and frustrating at the same time. With a website like Rightmove, it makes it a lot less tedious. I can save the houses that I like and even create alert when a new listing is added. I didn’t use the alert function as I prefer to check the website every now and then. Whenever a new property is added, it kind of excites me. Over the past few days, there were a few properties that have their prices reduced by thousands of pounds. Most of them had initially priced their properties a lot higher than the market price. Well, some are not even in a good condition. I can’t help but wonder why they think their properties are better than others in the same area when clearly, they aren’t. Maybe when it’s our time to sell a property, we might put up a much higher price too.

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