Looking for a house really takes quite a lot of time. My inbox is now full of surveys which I have yet to complete. The time I am on Rightmove website is more than any websites at the moment. I wonder if I will still visit Rightmove website after Mee and I found the house we wanted. My colleagues seem to be quite excited when they heard about us looking for a house. Some of them visit Rightmove website once in a while even though they have no intention of moving or buying house.

Anyway, until Mee and I finally move, I am not sure if I can concentrate doing the surveys. I am not even bothered to clear the junk mails that have come through to my inbox. I have also not managed to visit one of the websites that I frequented in the past, I wonder if there are any changes to it since I last visited. Talking about website changes, Engadget website is one of the websites that I dislike after they changed the interface. It just looks a lot worse now especially the post titles and the font being used. I would rather add Engadget into my Flipboard app and browse it that way.

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