End of house hunting, possibly …

I lost count. I think it’s more than a month now since Mee and I started looking for a house. We found one eventually. We were very excited when we negotiated the price with the seller through the estate agent. Our first offer was not accepted by the seller but we were not interested in increasing our offer. We just kept on looking around for other houses. About a week later, we rang the estate agent again to contact the seller if she was still interested. Another week went by and Mee and I decided to meet the seller in the middle. Oddly enough, we received a call from the estate agent asking if we were still interested. We told him our opinion and he said that just a few minutes before he rang me, he had already decreased the price following the seller’s request. Our offer was accepted there and then as the seller had given the estate agent the right to accept any matching offer subject to contract.

Mee and I were very happy and soon, I was arranging my mortgage and instructing my solicitor to do all the necessary works. About a week and a half later, the seller may have some difficulties arranging her mortgage. At that time, Mee and I were quite furious as we had already paid some of the money, though not many but it was really time wasting considering that the seller did not have already arranged her mortgage to purchase her next house. Every time Mee and I approached the estate agents, we were always asked if we had a mortgage promise from the bank. Why didn’t they do the same to sellers if they are in a chain?

Just last Friday, I received a letter from my solicitor stating that the seller’s solicitor and herself are drafting an agreement or contract for the house. And the seller has already signed the house’s inventory about a week ago. Surely if the seller was unable to confirm her mortgage, she would have asked her solicitor to be on hold and my solicitor would not have received further instructions as we are both using the same solicitor firm. Anyway, I will be waiting for my estate agent to call me tomorrow once she finds out more information as promised. Fingers crossed!

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