A change in mind …

A lot of things actually happened in between my last two posts. I realise that I didn’t mention it. The valuation was indeed being conducted today but it was conducted on a different house. Mee and I have pulled out of the previous house. As mentioned before, the seller was still sorting out her mortgage about a week and a half after our offer was accepted. In the meantime, we found a better house and our offer was immediately accepted. The reason of the delay in the previous seller’s mortgage was that she was confident about her credit rating and that she will have her mortgage approved. However, her partner’s credit rating wasn’t great, hence, the delay. Well, I know my credit rating is great yet I still approach the bank even before Mee and I began our house hunting. I even approached two banks and one mortgage broker. There are no such thing as absolute when it comes to borrowing money from banks.

When I rang the estate agent that I will be pulling out of the house, the estate agent was trying to put the blame on me for breaking my promise. But he said that buying houses always take a long time and he has clients that have to wait for four to six months. My first thought was that if everyone thinks like that, of course everything is going at a snail pace. If the seller had arranged her mortgage while she advertised her house for sale, she would have got her mortgage sorted by the time my offer was accepted. Bear in mind that the time she advertised to our offer being accepted was more than a month. Pure lazy. We even went to look at the house’s surroundings a few times and the seller was planting flowers at the front and back garden. Who in their right mind would still do stuffs on the house that they are selling? If Mee and I were to move in to the house, the first thing we will be doing is to take out the flowers.

Anyway, the house is back on the market and we are in the process of purchasing our unit. The house that we are purchasing now is located just the next couple of roads. It has the same layout but it’s in a better condition. It’s cheaper as well but Mee and I believe that it is because it’s a mid-terrace house rather than end of terrace. Well, there are only three houses and ours is just right in the middle. The house is solid brick build, hence, we don’t think there will be too much noise problem. We went to the neighbourhood at night a few times now and we hardly heard any noise. Now, we just hope that the valuation report will arrive soon for us to proceed further.

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