Still looking

Even though Mee and I have definitely settled for our choice of the house now, we still look at RightMove every other day. I must say the frequency of houses for sale advertised is about the same as when we first started looking for a house. Some of the houses that we went to see before are still on the market while some have dropped their prices in the hope to attract potential buyer. When we were looking for a house, our landlord kept asking us why we are not considering somewhere near the town centre. Well, our first thought was that the price is always higher. Houses near the town centre area can cost £10,000 more and smaller in size. However, we recently saw a house, which is really close to the town centre and literally only 1 minute walk away, had reduced by £20,000 from its initial selling price. It’s a two bedroom house and by looking at the pictures, it didn’t look too bad. Well, better than some that we have seen. Oddly, the bathroom is on the ground floor while there is no landing area upstairs.

Anyway, we have seen houses with water fountains indoor and ponds in the garden. It’s fair to say that we are satisfied with our purchase. There’s a small green area in front of the house and the garden is low maintenance as well.

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