iPad casings …

Let’s see. So far I have owned about three iPad casings for my iPad2. The current one is the fourth. I always wanted an all-in-one casing. The first one I got off from eBay for £10. It’s always risky buying items from eBay, hence, I don’t usually make purchase of more than £20. The cover arrived and I was a bit disappointed as it look a bit different from the picture. It fitted, so I just used it. Few months later, I saw a branded iPad cover on sale at TKMaxx store. It’s Speck and usually sold for more than £20. The Speck cover even has a magnetic front cover. I got it for £10. However, it damaged my iPad2’s screen protector due to the way it hold the iPad. Anyway, I still used it. Along the way, I bought a stand and a back cover. The idea was that I would use the back cover and stand while I am at home and I changed it to the Speck cover if I am taking the iPad2 out. After a couple of months, the back cover started to break and I had to revert back to using the Speck cover.

Recently, a B&M stores opened nearby. While Mee browsed the website, she saw a Belkin iPad back cover sold for £2.90. I thought it was really good value. Few days later, we decided to go to the store and check it out. I found the cover and then I saw a Trust iPad pouch case. Immediately, Mee and I thought we should really get a back cover with a case instead of pinning on an all in one cover. So, that’s the combination for my iPad2 at the moment, a back cover with a padded pouch case and a compact portable stand.

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