I had to format my HTC Desire yesterday. An annoying message stating that a process is causing an error. It got to a stage where the phone has to be rebooted every now and then to clear the error message temporarily. During the last reboot, the phone just kept looping the startup screen. I had no choice but to format the whole thing. Surprisingly, the error message still prompted even though everything has been wiped clear in recovery mode. All the apps were gone and I had to reconfigure it with my gmail account and reinstall my apps. Before I could start installing my apps, the error message prompted again. I googled for solution and found out that it was as easy as clearing the cache of Android media app. I can’t imagine why I didn’t google for solution in the first place before formatting my HTC Desire.

Anyway, the phone runs a lot smoother now and I got rid of apps that I didn’t really use. One thing I like about Android is that you can login to Google Play website on your computer and install apps from there. On Google Play website, it also displays the apps that I had previously installed. When I click on an app and then install, my HTC Desire magically starts to install the said app. Weird enough, some apps cannot be installed as it says that it doesn’t compatible with my HTC Desire. There is not definite answer to this but there are discussions that it may be custom ROM to blame.

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