Cleaning up HTC Desire again

Just yesterday, I was saying how I managed to solve the issue I had with my HTC Desire. Immediately after that, I found out that all the apps that I had installed and moved to the second partition would not work after a restart. It seemed that the second partition had corrupted as every time I tried to access it using an app, it asked me to select the partition type and then tried to reboot my device. I ended up having to wipe drive clean and that gave me a chance to install the latest ROM. Well, not necessary the latest ROM as it must have been a year since I last updated my HTC Desire Cyanogenmod ROM.

Everything is well and fine with my HTC Desire. I don’t really know if there’s any difference with the latest ROM, I just simply go with it. After updating, I removed some unused system apps by typing in some commands using the terminal emulator. The last app that I removed was the camera app that came with it. The original HTC Desire ROM camera app allows zoom of up to 5 times but this app that comes with Cyanogenmod only has 2 times zoom. I figure out it would be better to use other better quality camera app. The next thing I knew, the barcode scanner didn’t work as it utilises the camera app. I then had to search for it and put it back again. It’s quite a long process but I am glad that it is all working now.

It’s funny that I am already using iPhone 5 but I can’t still part with my HTC Desire. I still very much like to be a part of Android. There are things I like although not as much as I like the ease of the integration between iOS and OS X devices.

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