We went back to our house just now to drop off some stuffs and it was really quiet there which was good. The street light was just next to our neighbour’s house and we really get what he meant by not needing any backyard lights at night. Opposite, there are brown string lights that span across the neighbour’s front wall. We stayed there for about 30 mins and the surrounding area was looking good. I think it will be a good one or two weeks before we can really move in. We are still looking for a bed but we do hope that our landlord could sell the mattress that we use now. At least we don’t have to get one like immediately.

Then we have to ring our broadband provider, Virgin Media, to arrange a time for installation. Council tax, changing address, insurance and bills, they all a bit overwhelming for me at the moment. At work, I have deadlines to meet and I am supposed to create a web system from scratch to finish in three weeks time. I had only managed to really start working on it today which means I have lost two days due to a training session and unforeseen circumstances. Anyway, I believe everything will sink in soon and at least it’s weekend in two days time. I get to clear my mind a bit.

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