House arrangement

What else is left to do in the house. In actual fact, there are still more cleaning left to do. We only spent about an hour or two each day in the house cleaning. We didn’t do much on Saturday and Sunday as we were out shopping for things like curtains, shades and large appliances. We are still undecided on the fridge freezer mainly because we haven’t decided where to put it in our kitchen. Our soon to be ex-landlord has suggested that we put the fridge freezer against the door to the dining room. We will then use the hallway and through to the lounge to get to our dining room from the kitchen. Having thought about it for almost a week now, we decided to remove one of the smaller worktops and place the fridge freezer there.

The hallway is also a bit of a mess now as Mee and I were scrubbing the dirt off the heating pipes so that we can paint later on. I wished that I had bought a N-95 mask or similar while scrubbing the pipes. The dirt was floating in the air while I scrubbed. It wasn’t that bad when scrubbing the lower pipes. It got really bad when I was trying to scrub the vertical pipes that are going to the roof’s direction. Anyway, the pipes are nice and clean now. We still couldn’t paint them because we want to install individual thermostat on each of the radiators so that we can turn down the heat of the radiators that we don’t use.

One tip that my landlord has given me is that we should not install a thermostat on the radiator which is directly below the main thermostat. If we had one installed and we turned the radiator temperature right down, it will confuse the main thermostat above it and the main thermostat will keep trying to heat up the house because it still think the house is cold because of the radiator below.

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