TV cabinets

I was browsing for TV cabinets and I can’t quite understand why most of them have built-in standsandmounts dvd racks. Isn’t DVDs almost obsolete already? Ikea’s range of TV cabinets seem to be more pleasing to the eye than other. Hmm.. I wonder how much Mee and I will be spending the next time we go to Ikea. There are quite a lot in our list of to-buy. We just have to plan it wisely, otherwise, we will have trouble carrying them back even with the car’s back seats down. And I just realised that with the car back seats down, a normal size ladder will not fit. I have been eyeing a 4X3 ladder for quite sometime but Mee seems to think that traditional ladder is better. Now that those traditional ladder won’t fit in our car, I have a good reason to buy that 4X3 ladder.

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