Yodel …

Mee ordered a toaster from Sainsbury’s a few weeks ago. The delivery company is Yodel and it gave Mee nothing but headache. The first delivery attempt failed and the driver left a card. Mee then rang Yodel customer service and she was told that the delivery time is between 7am to 9pm. Yes, you heard it right. A delivery company expecting customers to wait the whole day, in this occasion, a toaster. Every questions Mee asked regarding the delivery was replied with a firm ‘NO’. It’s ridiculous, isn’t it?

To make matters worst, the 8 digit reference number cannot be used when ringing the delivery service number. It kept saying the number is not recognised. Hence, Mee had to ring the customer service instead. On Yodel’s website tracking section, it also mentions the 8 digit reference number to be used for tracking the parcel’s delivery status. Still, it can be used. It’s the parcel number that has to be used along with the postcode in order to track the delivery status.

So, today is the delivery day that we instructed. Mee received the item at 4pm after arriving at the house at 0820 hours.

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