Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment

I had requested a wrist rest from our health and safety officer last week and she came to see me on Monday. She brought with her a form with various questions regarding my work environment. I believe it’s called Display Screen Equipment risk assessment. She highlighted a few problems especially with the way I sit, slouching. Well, she said it’s quite common and she also slouches sometimes. I learned a lot and I am now a bit more aware on how I sit. To be sitting properly, I will be looking over my current screen which is not ideal. Hence, my monitor has to be raised. She will have to order a stand. At the end of the process, which I had only asked for a wrist rest, my office’s light bulbs will be changed, I will get a wrist rest and a monitor stand, and IT support personnel will come and sort out my computer cables’ management.

Coincidentally that afternoon, I received an email from one of my colleagues saying that she will be ordering a monitor stand and wondering if I would like to have one. I then emailed the health and safety officer to say that it would be much easier to order together. The next day, I was told that the monitor stand would not be ideal. The health and safety officer will be ordering a monitor arm instead. It won’t be a tilt wall mount, but a table mount I suppose. I believe that I will be getting the monitor arm instead of just a stand is because I have mentioned to the health and safety officer that I am worried that the monitor will fall off if I push it too far behind. I must say the health and safety officer has really done a good job!

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