More furniture …

Last week, our landlord delivered a dining table and four chairs for Mee and I. Well, that’s the first furniture that we have bought and arrived at our house. Dining table and chairs are something that Mee and I don’t think we should spend a lot of money. The cheapest would cost around £100 and the quality is not very good. Since our landlord has a set, or had a set of dining table and chairs in his garage, we thought it would be a good idea to buy them from him as long as the condition is not too bad. Our mattress also arrived on Saturday and our landlord has a bed frame which he will deliver it to us on the 15th. Everything seems to come together now but we still have quite a lot of things to do.

Next week, we will probably go to IKEA to get some bits and bobs. We will try not to get too many stuffs as we have not known how much stuffs we have accumulated over the years. I have bought a ladder and it should be delivered this week. I should then be able to get our stuffs out of the loft of this rented room’s house. I still have to sort out our broadband, fridge freezer and TV.

I also painted one of the built in cupboards yesterday. I must say I didn’t do a good job. Partly because it was pink in color and I painted white on top of it. Today, I painted a second coat and hopefully, it will look better when it dries. I may have to do another coat but I will see how it looks tomorrow.

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