Missing out

We have been going to our new house most nights over the past few weeks. The neighbours must be wondering when are we going to move in. It seems like we haven’t made much progress thought we have bought most of the necessities already. Our landlord will send us a bed frame tomorrow and we will have a place to sleep! Well, not really because we still haven’t clean the carpet as we are painting the wardrobe. I must say that I made a mess of it as I used paint brush for the first two coats before using a roller. The brush made the paint uneven on the wall while the roller made bubbles on the wall. Mee and I don’t quite understand. I googled for an answer and people were saying either the wall is filled with dust or the wall is moist. I don’t think they are the reason in this instance as the paint itself has lots of bubbles even before I started painting. Anyway, we will see how it goes as it’s only the wardrobe, not somewhere which can be visibly seen.

As we only go in the evening, I missed quite a lot of shows especially The Big Bang Theory. Well, they are repeats but I still find some episodes to be quite funny. One of the two episodes tonight was about Sheldon playing banjo in the middle of the night. Every time I saw the banjo for sale at musicians friend, I always thought about Sheldon. By the way, do you know that Penny and Leonard were together in real life for about a year or two. It must have been weird now they have split and have to film The Big Bang Theory together.

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