Surprise …

Remember that I mentioned that I would like to move things around in the kitchen in order to create a space for our fridge freezer? I borrowed a cordless hammer drill from my landlord today and I managed to remove the small work top and a small cabinet that was in the space where Mee and I would like the fridge freezer to be. Surprise, surprise. The bottom of the small cabinet had about 10 cockroach eggs! If we never touch the cabinet, I wonder what will happen later.

When we first viewed the house, everything seems perfect. Now that we look at everything closely, it appears that all the diy jobs were very shoddy. The previous owner seems to like doing things however he wants. Anyway, what Mee and I have been doing for the past few weeks is to make it our home and of course with the help of our kind landlord. He had fixed quite a lot of things for us now and he has a few more jobs to do for us such as installing new taps, installing a water softener and installing thermostatic radiator valves.

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