I mentioned that I have been going to Screwfix in the last few days. In fact, the whole stretch of shops where Screwfix is located is full with different types of home stores, selling taps, plumbing equipments, woods, paints and many more. Oddly enough, there’s a wigs wholesale shop right in the middle. Anyway, I never really look at those shops before until recently. And I always go past the row of shops while on my way to work.

This weekend, I will probably going to Screwfix to get some insulation material for our radiator’s pipes. As I mentioned before, our fridge freezer will be right next to a radiator and in front of a radiator pipe. Hence, I plan to insulate the pipe and I will later find an insulation sheet or plank to put it in between the radiator and fridge freezer. Well, the insulation sheet or plank can be quite expensive. I googled yesterday and they were like over a hundred pounds. I shall be looking for some cheaper ones.

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