Virgin Media …

Sometimes, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I seem to be very bad with memory. I thought of something to write yesterday but postponed it to today thinking that I would still remember. Now, I have totally forgotten all about it. Anyway, I rang Virgin Media to move my existing account to the new house. I was a little bit cheeky as I selected the account cancelling department instead. I told them that I wanted to leave and waited until the lady over the phone asked the reason. I then told her that I am moving to another place and thought that it would be a good time to change provider as other providers are cheaper than Virgin Media. The next I knew, she offered me a TiVo box and lowered my bills. However, I have to pay for installation charge. I then asked if the activation charge could be waived. She consulted her manager and all she could do is to halve the activation charge.

After everything was agreed, she passed me to the house moving department. Another lady answered and before I spoke anything, she offered to waive the installation charge. I also chose to pay 12 months line rental in advance and that saves me around £60. It was not advertised on Virgin Media website nor it was mentioned by the staff. I stumbled across the savings when Virgin Media sent a brochure to my new house and it was stated in the brochure. Well, at least I can be sure that I won’t get an increase of bills in a year’s time. I think the next time Virgin Media increases my bill, I will just call them straightaway to ask what’s the best deal they can offer.

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