Kick Ass 2 …

One of my favorite movies is Kick Ass. And Kick Ass 2 is in cinema right now. Even though I am crazy about movies, but it still not enough for me to pay to go to cinema. I would if it’s cheaper, otherwise, I will stick to either free cinema preview or when the DVD is out. I heard a lot of buzz about Kick Ass 2 and most people seems to prefer Kick Ass 2 than Kick Ass. I would probably like them both anyway. I think I watched Kick Ass about three times now. Maybe four.

Even though Kick Ass is based on a comic book like Superman, Spiderman and such, I felt it was totally different when I first watched it. I think I was pretty attracted to the soundtrack and that Chloe G Moretz was really talented when she starred in Kick Ass. Now that she is older, I believe her acting skill has improved. I follow her on twitter too. Those Kick Ass 2 movie trailers almost make want to go and watch it immediately.

As talented as an actor or an actress can be, sometimes, they just find themselves in the wrong movie. I watched Movie 43 and it was a real let down. It’s boring to watch and kind of meaningless. I totally didn’t get what the movie was trying to convey.

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