Under The Dome …

I have just finished watching the second episode of Under The Dome. It’s been a while since I watched any kind of dramas. The last two that I remember were Heroes and Lost. I stopped half way as they became boring. After that, I only watch sitcoms as they are normally short and stories don’t span across multiple episodes. When you are watching dramas, you have to keep following episodes after episodes. Missed one and you are most likely to be in the dark. Thanks to catchup TV though, you can always go back to the last seven days. If you go online, broadcasters like Channel 5 allows up to a month of viewing.

Anyway, I watch the first and second episode of Under The Dome from Channel 5 website. To be honest, I am not impressed with the casting so far. It didn’t grow on me like when I first watched Heroes. I really liked Heroes but episodes after episodes, the story got slower and slower and then it became boring. However, I am quite determined to watch another few more episodes of Under The Dome just to see where to story is going. Right now, I already have two characters that I dislike; Junior Rennie (played by Alexander Koch) and James Rennie (played by Dean Norris). Alexander’s acting is poor while Dean’s acting is not very good either. I would love to see other dramas starred Dean Norris and see how he fared. Well, someone who starred in many dramas or movies doesn’t necessary make him or her a good actor or actress.

While I have pointed out the two actors whom I don’t think are very good in Under The Dome, there are some who seem to have over-acted. Perhaps all of them want Under The Dome to be good so bad that they feel some kind of pressure? I shall watch a few more episodes before deciding whether or not to call it a day for me.

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