Junk mails

Guess what we got in our mails today. A mail from Dawson regarding the latest pod hd in store. I can’t quite get how Dawson manages to get the details of my new house. I don’t think I ever updated their mailing list for my account. It’s the same thing like when I got a new Orange sim card a few months ago. I never used the Orange number for any purposes at all. In fact, I don’t even know the number. Still, I get cold calls every now and then. When I told that to my manager, he seemed to think that those call centres staffs just work through a set of incremental mobile numbers. That’s make sense though.

Anyway, the pod hd looks cool but looking at my house now, I haven’t even got a clue where to put our Yamaha keyboard. It’s full of stuffs and until we can sort out our kitchen and lounge, most of the things will stay in the second room for now. The longer I wait, I think the longer it will take me to tidy up the house. I better get a move on tomorrow!

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